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Ch 3 Pg 3 Notes

Every manga needs a monologue. This is the only one for Salient Caligation so far. This is a different pace from the other chapters but this will start moving along quickly soon enough!

Time is going to pass fairly quickly but it’ll be in this year until the end of this section.

It is important to me to show that Jie and Bolin’s family life is solid and supportive. Lisa knows what her mom does. Bolin knows and supports Jie. I don’t think this is something that gets shown too often in comics.

Mom is a magical girl and it isn’t a secret.

15 Oct 19

Just a reminder, Patrons are getting Salient updates every week between sketch page updates and full comic page updates a week before they go live on the website!

I really enjoyed putting this page together and seeing Nicoy bring it to life. The shrine in the background is a Tawainese Buddhist Temple, more specifically, we used Lungshan Temple as our reference.

I didn’t include year stamps on this page since we are quickly showing the growth of Bolin and Jie’s relationship and family. The next time skip is the last one for this segment of the issue.

As a result of this issue spanning years, it might be more like 35-40 pages vice my usual goal of 25-30. There is a lot of ground to cover so this will be as long as it needs to be to fully tell this story.

Salient Caligation: The Eight of Swords Complete

Final Ch 2 Cover

Salient Caligation: The Eight of Swords is available in paperback on Aug. 23, 2019 from your favorite online Retailer! If you want to see your local comic shop carry Salient or Song of Asteria, they can order it wholesale through Ingram’s catalog!

Included are 25 pages of higher resolution versions of Ch 2 with updated/corrected dialogue; bonus artbook and world information! Chapter 2 will be released to web on Sept 11.

Chapter 3 will start Oct 2, 2019!


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I’ve been having a bit of a difficult few months. I am trying to stay focused and keep working through it all.

I recently joined the Horror Writers Association as a supporting member but hope to be able to upgrade to a full writer membership in the future!

I have been getting both Song of Asteria Issue 1 and Salient Caligation Ch 2 ready for print and that’s helped. I do intend to go back and have Nicoy redo Ch 1 at some point before making that issue available in paperback.

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This chapter is nearing the end and I am happy to report that I am working on the script for Chapter 3! Nicoy has done a great job! If you would like to help out with the updates to get them sooner, please consider donating! Once this chapter concludes, I will be uploading the high resolution ebook to Amazon and DriveThru comics. I will give Createspace a shot with POD for this issue. Would you be interested in supporting a redraw of Chapter 1? I am leery of redoing that Chapter again since it feels like it is cursed.


This was an interesting piece to write since I wanted to show consequences and how certain events can make even the nicest person change. I went with a different pantheon for this one. =)


I recently published my horror romance short story, “Nikola” to Amazon Kindle featuring cover art by Nicoy Guevarra! This is set in the SC universe but we won’t see this connection until later on in Salient Caligation.

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