It’s scary out there in the world. The uncertainty of the future and the increasing isolation as more states go into lock down makes this a strange time to live. I have to keep working, so I have been limiting my exposure to keep my family safe.

Despite this, I am still charging forward with this project. The work helps my artist, Nicoy, as her country is in lock down. I’m lucky that I can continue working. It’s just grim out there.

It’s dark but there is still so much light to be found. Stay safe out there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Page 4 of Salient Caligation: The Devil is live. I was thinking of doing a short run chapter book promotion of this chapter once I have all the pages of this section complete before those pages go live on the site. This means that if you area Patron or buy a copy, you will know what will happen for a month or so ahead of time until the webcomic catches up.

What do you think?


I’ve been having a bit of a difficult few months. I am trying to stay focused and keep working through it all.

I recently joined the Horror Writers Association as a supporting member but hope to be able to upgrade to a full writer membership in the future!

I have been getting both Song of Asteria Issue 1 and Salient Caligation Ch 2 ready for print and that’s helped. I do intend to go back and have Nicoy redo Ch 1 at some point before making that issue available in paperback.

If you;d like to see that happen, please consider donating to my Patreon!


No one ever likes the truth. The magic thing was easy to believe but the fairy thing is just too far for Marie? I guess everyone has to draw their line in the sand somewhere. 😉

Anyway, if you’d like to see Salient update weekly, please consider donating to my Patreon! Nicoy does a great job on these and I intend to keep hiring her for the work. =) Donations through my Patreon go directly towards Salient Caligation while donations through my Ko-fi go to my projects as a whole. Donators get early updates and an updated PDF with all of the current comics in the issue.

Nicoy also has a Patreon to help free up some of her time from freelancing to work on more personal art, consider supporting her directly here: