Only Demons Walk Beside Us now available!

Chapters 1 – 3 are collected into this 159 page graphic novel!

The 8 of Swords

The Devil

The Lovers – see the conclusion to the ongoing chapter before it ends on the webcomic with bonus content!

Now avaiable in PDF, and in 3 different 7 in x 10 in print options through DriveThru Comics.

Premium Color is the clearest and best print version for both the colored bonus content and the black and white comics. But it is also the most expensive option at $30.

Also available in pdf on Google Books!

Updates and Anthology!

We’re still on track. I think I will have some fun news come the beginning of 2021 soon but I have to get there first. Updates for the comic will continue to be on schedule through the rest of the issue.

I actually have to get to work on the script for the next issue. I haven’t decided if I will start intermingling redos of Chapter 1 – The Lovers with Chapter 4 – Death.

In other news, I’m excited to announce that I have 2 short stories included in the upcoming, “Nightside: Tales of Outre Noir” anthology edited by Mark Slade. This is my first inclusion in an anthology and I hope this will not be the last.

These stories fall into “noir” but they have a supernatural/horror twist.

Full details and blurbs for my stories below.

Editor: Mark Slade

Genre: Outre Noir

Publisher: Close to the Bone

Publication Date: Estimated Oct 30, 2020

Nightside collects 14 tales of Outre Noir by Mark Slade, T. Fox Dunham, Holly Rae Garcia, Kimberly Godwin, Paul D. Brazill, Viktor Auralius, Jeff Niles, Jesse Rawlins, Jason Norton, Tom Pitts, Michael Martin Garrett, Jim Shaffer, Phil Thomas, and Andy Rausch.

Death Answers. How hard could it be to recover a pawned ring? Investigator Josephine St. John readily accepts the case but can’t shake the unsettling feeling that there is more to the ring than her client is telling her…

Voyeur. Something is horribly wrong with married couple, Alan and Marianne Fields. Their bodies are battered and their expressions haunted. When they end up on Dr. Felicity Kane’s couch, only her unique gift can help them. Can Felicity discover the truth in time to save them?


I’ve been having a bit of a difficult few months. I am trying to stay focused and keep working through it all.

I recently joined the Horror Writers Association as a supporting member but hope to be able to upgrade to a full writer membership in the future!

I have been getting both Song of Asteria Issue 1 and Salient Caligation Ch 2 ready for print and that’s helped. I do intend to go back and have Nicoy redo Ch 1 at some point before making that issue available in paperback.

If you;d like to see that happen, please consider donating to my Patreon!


No one ever likes the truth. The magic thing was easy to believe but the fairy thing is just too far for Marie? I guess everyone has to draw their line in the sand somewhere. 😉

Anyway, if you’d like to see Salient update weekly, please consider donating to my Patreon! Nicoy does a great job on these and I intend to keep hiring her for the work. =) Donations through my Patreon go directly towards Salient Caligation while donations through my Ko-fi go to my projects as a whole. Donators get early updates and an updated PDF with all of the current comics in the issue.

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