Ch 3 Pg 3 Notes

Every manga needs a monologue. This is the only one for Salient Caligation so far. This is a different pace from the other chapters but this will start moving along quickly soon enough!

Time is going to pass fairly quickly but it’ll be in this year until the end of this section.

It is important to me to show that Jie and Bolin’s family life is solid and supportive. Lisa knows what her mom does. Bolin knows and supports Jie. I don’t think this is something that gets shown too often in comics.

Mom is a magical girl and it isn’t a secret.


Of all the languages to use for Moira’s magic, I chose Greek. I wanted something that I didn’t commonly see used in horror movies or books. Most authors pick Latin as their casting language. I originally used a font called Miskatonic for Caitlin’s spells but I think with her heritage, it would be better for her to cast in Chinese.

There is still a lot to learn about Moira and her background. This chapter is an important moment in her life. Magical things can happen at crossroads and journeys always take unexpected turns.