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It’s scary out there in the world. The uncertainty of the future and the increasing isolation as more states go into lock down makes this a strange time to live. I have to keep working, so I have been limiting my exposure to keep my family safe.

Despite this, I am still charging forward with this project. The work helps my artist, Nicoy, as her country is in lock down. I’m lucky that I can continue working. It’s just grim out there.

It’s dark but there is still so much light to be found. Stay safe out there.

Quick thoughts

Amazing Comic Con Aloha was great. We sold a few books and have a few ideas of how to present everything better for the next show.

I’m sitting on a string of updates to page 20. =) Part 2 runs to about page 25 so once I have those pages, I will do another ebook release to DriveThru Comics. Of course, my $3 tier donators on Patreon will have those pages soon as the monthly compiled pdf.

A little montage

We see this location where Lisa is being held quite a bit. =) I will have to do a small write up of where these places are, so I guess if people wanted to go on a comic tour, they could go visit.

This whole sequence goes by rather quick. I wanted to show that even though there are supernatural entities, that this family is solid.


I had noticed that in a lot of anime, that only one parent gets to have the magical powers. I wanted Bolin to not only be aware of Jie’s powers but supportive of the family line of business. He’s not going to stop her, he’s going with her to save their daughter. =)