The 8 of Swords is now Available from Screaming Eye Press

You can now buy a copy of Touching the Abyss: The 8 of Swords.

The Devil is shaping up to be about 50 pages before extras. I should have the last pages in time for an early 2021 release. I have decided to rewrite the pilot episode, so “the Lovers” it will provide new content vs being a straight panel for panel redraw of the original Chapter 1- Contracts.

Rolling forward, this will be the chapter set-up for Salient Caligation:

1 – The 8 of Swords – Full Issue Available: Screaming Eye Press ; Drive Thru Comics

2- The Devil – (SFW) Full Issue Available: Drive Thru Comics

3- The Lovers (Ongoing Issue)

4- Death (TBA)

5- The Tower (TBA)

6- Judgement (Finale- TBA)

Other Media tie-ins:

Nikola (Short story)

“Death Answers” and “Voyeur” (short stories in Nightside: Tales of Outré Noir)

“Mother” (short story in Coming Through in Waves)

Rise: The Ardent Souls (WIP -Book Series)

Eidolon (working title, graphic novel, in development)

Fallen (working title, graphic novel, in development)

So stay tuned!

Sense of foreboding

I had a lot of time after writing the first chapter of Salient Caligation to decide on what type of story that I wanted to tell in the future chapters. I had originally planned for Salient to be a 5 Chapter series with a hard conclusion in the 5th chapter. I always hate when a good story runs on too long.

With a demon hunter story you can really only go so far before you run out of ideas. But the stories don’t have to feel stale, and the story can go to divergent paths in the same universe and still feel interesting.

I have branched out a bit and created other characters and concepts that I rather enjoy in the Salient Caligation mythology. I created it so easily because I had already been working on a Fallen Angel story for several years prior. I was experimenting with concepts and character development arcs through different roleplay with that particular character who I hope to introduce in Chapter 4. I will have to see if I can still confine the main story of Caitlin to just 5 chapters since I have devoted this whole chapter to Moira.