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Published On: October 28, 2022

10 thoughts on “A Visitor

  1. Why don’t the images open when I click on the link all I get are thumbnails? Have you switched to a subscription on the comic?

    1. That’s strange, it’s not subscription only. I haven’t seen this problem in another browser. I’ll look into it. It shouldn’t be taking you only to the thumbnail.

  2. I still cannot see the posts, just thumbnails, and have not received a reply from my previous comment. Have you switched to subscription only?

    1. Huh. It looks like an issue with the mobile version of this particular page. It opens fine on web browser.

    2. I got the problem to replicate but the image loaded on Duck Duck Go mobile after a refresh. I don’t know if it’s because the warning pop-up was blocked or what. I couldn’t replicate the issue on Chrome mobile. I have ad blockers built into my own browser but the pages load fine. I just updated the theme, so not sure where the error happened. Either way, the full PDF of this chapter is available if you don’t want to wait. You can get it through Google Books or DriveThru Comics.

  3. I’m using Firefox web browser not mobile app. let me know if you can fix it. I’ll try Drivethru in the mean time

    1. Interesting. It’s only doing it to the new page.

      1. Okay,I refreshed the server cache and it’s working on Firefox, Edge, DuckduckGo and Chrome on desktop and mobile. The fastest way to reach me is through the Discord or via my social media! I’m most active on my Twitter.

  4. Kim, I checked this morning 11-14-22 and I still only get the thumbnails at and and when I click on the thumbnail for the page I want it goes to the same thumbnail only page. I tried the discord server but I don’t know how to send you a message on it I am on twitter, can you send me a link to your twitter page?

    1. Sent you a message on the Discord server.

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