I am ecstatic that we have been moving along so well with Nicoy at the drawing helm! We are still maintaining a bi-weekly update rotation as it stands right now. Donators get a week early release of the sketch pages and the completed pages. At the end of the month, donators get the compiled PDF of the current chapter. If you want to help off-set the costs, please consider donating to my Ko-Fi or to my Patron!

I also write Song of Asteria which updates off-set to Salient Caligation on a bi-weekly schedule as well. If you were unaware, I also wrote something for Starship Moonhawk / Cosmic Feline that was recently animated, Surrender. I am also on the writing team for two other episodes in that particular animation trilogy. Give it a look! Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Salient Caligation updates next on Jan 23, 2019. =)


Just a reminder that Salient Caligation updates bi-weekly since I have to budget pages. The next update is scheduled for Dec. 26th! The next page will be the last of the “redraw” pages and from Page 7 will be all new comic content. Nicoy is doing a great job with Moira’s arc so far and on my other comic, Song of Asteria!  

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