Salient Caligation:The Devil Part 2 is now available!

Salient Caligation:The Devil Part 2 is now available on Drivethrucomics. This collects the pages 11-25 pages of Ch 3 with bonus material.

This is ahead of the webcomic updates so if you are impatient, here is the first part of the story. Otherwise, the comic will continue to update on the website. Part 2 will conclude on the web on Sept 16th. =)

Chapter 3 is a larger chapter and is divided into 3 parts. I will be posting a final combined file when it goes to print with additional story materials.–The-Devil-Part-2

Update Schedule

I have a couple more pages to go before I compile and release the Devil Part 2 to DriveThru Comics! 

The comic will post for free at the normal 2 pages per month until page 25 goes live on September 16 but for those that want to read it in one go, I will have the compiled PDF available for Patrons by the end of May, since we have worked ahead to get the pages made. 

I have 8 pages left of the 49 pages for the Devil. At the moment, page 24 was just completed but will not go live until September. 

The Site Update schedule is: May 13, May 27, June 10, June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5, August 19, Sept 2, Sept 16th. All of these pages are scheduled to post as of today, so there won’t be an interruption to the updates. 

Patrons get these pages 1 week early and compiled at the end of the month with some bonus material. 


It’s scary out there in the world. The uncertainty of the future and the increasing isolation as more states go into lock down makes this a strange time to live. I have to keep working, so I have been limiting my exposure to keep my family safe.

Despite this, I am still charging forward with this project. The work helps my artist, Nicoy, as her country is in lock down. I’m lucky that I can continue working. It’s just grim out there.

It’s dark but there is still so much light to be found. Stay safe out there.