Before and after

I sat on this script for several years, waiting for Chapter 1 to complete. Before I moved back to the United States, I decided that I would draw the conclusion of Chapter 1 myself. My friend, Zairyo has been working on improving his techniques to draw Chapter 1 for years now but, I wanted closure on the issue. I got stalled myself with moving across the ocean from Japan and starting college courses again. But, I made a good attempt at drawing Chapter 2. I even scheduled it on my Google Calendar to update on Wednesdays. When I started Graduate school, I got overwhelmed between work and school to keep up my updates and stopped at page 6. 

To be honest, I deviated from my own script a bit. I like to think that I made a good attempt! But I am quite please with the pages that my friend, Nicoy Guevarra has created from the original script! I am continually please and impressed with Nicoy’s work, She sets a deadline and a schedule and keeps to it. She is easy to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with her. If you noticed, Nicoy is the artist for my other comic, Song of Asteria and she is one of our community artists on Shattered Universe! 

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