I came back to the US from Japan over a year ago and then I got lost in graduate school and work, and found that while I could update the comic with my artwork, I was not consistent with the style and quality. That I was striving for. I set the comic down and refocused. But I got the gumption to finally just pay another artist, to draw the comic for me for future publication. So this means that updates will be fairly slow pending on funding. I will have a Patreon set-up in the near future that will take into account how much all the costs are and what funding goals need to happen to keep this story updating.

I decided against starting Ch 1 over and opted instead, to have my new artist, Nicoy Guevarra, to start Ch 2 over. It was only 6 pages in, so it won’t take too long to redo it all. Just expensive. But this means that you, as an audience, will get professional artwork and pages when the updates occur. To get everything started, I have already paid for a handful of pages. The comic starts rolling bi-weekly beginning October 3. If you want to help me make this work, please consider donating to my Ko-Fi or my Patreon.

Part of this process means that I will be consolidating my comic back onto a singular domain now that I now how to set up a comic press website after years of watching my friend, Mike Prokop do it. He’s been my gracious host for many years since we left Comic Genesis. I’m still collaborating with him on other projects but it is my intention to get everything moved onto this domain before October and get all of my archives up in one way or another. =)

Please keep checking back here for updates!