When Gaia first woke to brilliant light, she was whole.
Different races lived, fought and bred on her surface.

Chaos reigned.

There was no death- what was destroyed only sprang back up with the unpredictability of creation.
There was no peace, Gaia rumbled and her tore under their conflict. Gaia called out to the gods for reprieve.

The Gods turned to the first races and chose the Tuath Dé to be arbitrators for a new era of order.

The Tuath Dé assigned other races roles but were uncertain of what to do with humanity. Humans were cloistered in the Garden of Eden with the gift of eternal youth and a veil of ignorance.

In their infinite wisdom, the Council sent a young fae, Clídna, to seek out the children in the garden.

When Clídna appeared before Eve, but Eve did not did not understand what sort of creature stood before her. Never had mankind seen a fae.

Clídna decided that Eve as she was would be no good to the world. There was a veil on their eyes needed to be lifted. But how? The answer came in the form of crimson
fruit on one of the garden’s forbidden trees.

Yes, Clídna decided. The children of the garden needed to eat from the tree to learn all that there is to know to leave and take their place among their neighbors.

Eve saw the flawless skin of the fruit and heard the honeyed words of the fae. She took the first bite.
Revelation of the beauty of the garden filled Eve with joy and brought her to tears. A flood of emotions rushed through her and she ran to find the man, Adam to share the love that filled her.

Their Father came into the garden to find his children hiding. He grew into a rage when he learned of what had been done. His gaze turned on the Clídna and all Tuath Dé were cursed.

Clídna cast to despair and shadow, forever weeps.

Man was cast from the Garden. Realms once joined were splintered apart as the world shattered. Death had come.
Eden was locked away. all the elder races scattered like ash on the wind.

Also scattered where the Tuath Dé. Cast across the realms they began to fade away. Those that survived in the nearest planes to Gaia became the Aes Sidhe.
Some chose to guide humanity while others in their despair, seek to destroy them.

Mankind was our undoing.
but the council hopes that mankind will be our salvation.

~ The fall of Eden and the Tuatha de Danann

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