Father Merrick

James Sword

Bolin Cho

Bolin Cho was a former US Army Medic. He originally met his childhood love, Jie Lin in the Bangka Lungshan Temple in Báng-kah khu, Taiwan. He eventually married her and immigrated to the United States. They eventually settled in a quiet neighborhood of Philadelphia, investing in real estate and opening a shop in Chinatown. 

He had no known magical abilities but was proficient in treating his wife's many injuries from her duties as a demon hunter. He spoke English, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin and could read English, Japanese, Latin, Sanskrit, and Chinese. He also supported Jie through research and acquisition of artifacts and spell components.   


Clinda is one of the original Tuatha de Dannan blamed for the fall of Mankind from the garden of Eden, according to Aes Sidhe lore. 

Caitlin Sword

Caitlin Jie Sword is a Chinese American awakened being (magus). She was raised by her grandmother, Jie Cho in the absence of her father, James Sword and her mother, Lisa Sword.


Lisa Cho

Lisa Cho is the daughter of Bolin and Jie Cho. She is an awakened being (magus) with the ability to see, speak to, and interact with earthbound spirits. She is capable of using magick like her mother to fight demons.

Married to James Sword and mother to Caitlin Sword.

Jie Cho

Jie Lin was originally from Báng-kah khu, Taiwan where she met her childhood love, Bolin Cho at the Bangka Lungshan Temple following the loss of her mother. She was largely unaware of the true origins of her family duty to hunt demons but she suspected that it stemmed back several generations. A main part of her research was trying to trace their magickal lineage.

There were some suspicions that her family line was tied to Formosan ancestry but nothing she could substantiate in the wake of World War 2. Following her marriage to Bolin, she attempted to set aside the life of a demon hunter but found herself hunted. Unable to turn away from a life of fighting the demonic, she leaned fully into it as they sought an explanation for the duty and her family's power.

She was fluent in several dialects of Chinese, Japanese, and English. She was literate in an untold number of languages that she tried to impart to Caitlin at a young age.