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Hello folks! I have all the pages scheduled out to post until the end of September while I move across the ocean once more. The development of this chapter is going well.

For those unaware, I also freelance write table top roleplay games and we have several kickstarers coming up!

Trinity Continuum: Aegis launches on Backerkit on July 25th!

Out right now I have 2 books for 2 very different horror games:

Don’t open the Gates” which is a virtual table top scenario book for “They Came From Beyond the Grave” and the World Below‘s preview book – which has all the things you need to run the game now before the system’s full release

Only Demons Walk Beside Us now available!

Chapters 1 – 3 are collected into this 159 page graphic novel!

The 8 of Swords

The Devil

The Lovers – see the conclusion to the ongoing chapter before it ends on the webcomic with bonus content!

Now avaiable in PDF, and in 3 different 7 in x 10 in print options through DriveThru Comics.

Premium Color is the clearest and best print version for both the colored bonus content and the black and white comics. But it is also the most expensive option at $30.

Also available in pdf on Google Books!

The 8 of Swords is now Available from Screaming Eye Press

You can now buy a copy of Touching the Abyss: The 8 of Swords.

The Devil is shaping up to be about 50 pages before extras. I should have the last pages in time for an early 2021 release. I have decided to rewrite the pilot episode, so “the Lovers” it will provide new content vs being a straight panel for panel redraw of the original Chapter 1- Contracts.

Rolling forward, this will be the chapter set-up for Salient Caligation:

1 – The 8 of Swords – Full Issue Available: Screaming Eye Press ; Drive Thru Comics

2- The Devil – (SFW) Full Issue Available: Drive Thru Comics

3- The Lovers (Ongoing Issue)

4- Death (TBA)

5- The Tower (TBA)

6- Judgement (Finale- TBA)

Other Media tie-ins:

Nikola (Short story)

“Death Answers” and “Voyeur” (short stories in Nightside: Tales of Outré Noir)

“Mother” (short story in Coming Through in Waves)

Rise: The Ardent Souls (WIP -Book Series)

Eidolon (working title, graphic novel, in development)

Fallen (working title, graphic novel, in development)

So stay tuned!

14 Jul 22 – Updates

Phew, the Lovers is churning and burning! Once I have all the pages for the Lovers in hand I will be compiling it with the other 2 issues of Touching the Abyss and releasing it as “Only Demons Walk Beside Us”.

If you missed it: The Devil is available for Print on Demand and digitally from DriveThru Comics: Here.

I’ve been busy with my day job and my freelance tabletop roleplay writing with Onyx Path Publishing. These past 2 months have been busy with filming and writing and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to slow down anytime soon!

I have an author page now that lists all of my projects in a less graphic intensive format:

I will be attending Tabletop Scotland in Perth, Scotland on Aug 27 – 28, 2022 with Onyx Path Publishing!

I will be co-hosting the Walk the Onyx Path Panel and running 2 Trinity Continuum: Aberrant game sessions as well.

Full info / tickets here: Tabletop Scotland.

May 26 Updates

It’s been a crazy year for me as my 2nd Master’s program comes to a close. I’ve been doing less short fiction this year but I have taken some freelance table top roleplay game work. I’m under several NDA right now but I can’t wait until I can share what I’ve been working on. It’s been a fun learning process and I get to work with a company I’ve wanted to work with for a while.

I submitted the completed pages of the Devil to my publisher Screaming Eye Press with a few lore heavy extras. We’ll see when it’ll be ready for release. It’s got several more months of run time before it concludes here on the site! There won’t be too much of a break between The Devil and the Lovers!

Nicoy and I have started working ahead. The Lovers is a revisiting of the original Pilot of Salient Caligation. I’ve grown as a writer since the comic started and I wanted it to be complete under a single artist. I had a lot of help with Salient Caligation over the years but I want it to be more consistent. I’m not as constrained by page count so I will try to tell the story in as many pages as it needs. I’m not sure how many pages the Lovers will end up being, but likely it will be as long as the Devil, maybe longer. I’m still writing the script between other projects and coursework.

If you like the comic and want to help out, consider leaving a review on The Eight of Swords on Good Reads or Amazon!

If you want to read some of my other work you can check out my short stories:

In “Coming Through in Waves” and “Nightside: Tales of Outre Noir“.


Good news is that I installed a more mobile friendly theme.

Bad news is that I didn’t import the old comics in properly so I have to reupload everything. >>

I’ll be adjusting things to make the comic more mobile friendly in viewing once I figure out how I need to slice them!

Other projects

I’ve been busy with other projects. I have a short story coming out in a charity crime fiction anthology soon! All the stories are inspired by Pink Floyd songs so it was a fun experience to put my twist on it! My story “Mother” will be appearing in Gutter Books’ “Coming Through in Waves” edited by T. Fox Dunham.


I hope everyone has a safe holiday! I’ve been in a sort of isolation from my immediate family for many years so not seeing them again this year for Thanksgiving wasn’t so trying.

With wards- you essentially set a barrier to a location that repels certain things from entering. This can be ignored if the entity is invited in or if the being is powerful enough to overcome the magic of the one that made the ward. Wards can also be dispelled or broken if there is a physical component used that can be altered.

Page 29

As I look back to the beginning to draft a foreword to the “definitive edition” of the Eight of Swords, I’m amazed how far this comic has come. I turn 37 within the next week but I started writing Salient Caligation at 21. During the massive break between the end of the Pilot “Contracts” and the beginning of “The 8 of Swords” I hadn’t started writing what would become “The Devil”. The last few pages for the Devil are still being drafted as they get closer to being drawn.

This leaves me with a fresh start. My perspective now is different and I have a clearer vision of where I want this to go. When “The Devil” concludes and prepares for publication with Screaming Eye Press as a Trade Paperback, I will be revisiting my script for “Contracts” to become “The Lovers” as the next chapter.

I look forward to sharing this story with you to the end.